Tracee is a Communication Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and a socially-conscious creative. As a designer, She often is most comfortable in unfamiliar territories, constantly challenging and nuancing her creative process and applying in-depth research with a systematic approach. Tracee aims to be a thinker who experiments within interdisciplinary mediums. You'll often find her down a rabbit hole on .
Currently in search of opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and human interaction.

Creative Direction, Identity, Motion
What are the new expectations for brands among Gen-Z consumers?  This design system was built to carry out the wants and needs of the Gen Z. voice, spread awareness of those wants and needs to brands, educate brands on how they can shift to better fit the expectations of Gen Z, and how they can take action on social justice issues to advocate for the Gen Z expectations.

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We want to convince brands that Gen Z’s expectations are forever changed, inform them on these new expectations, and motivate them to change how they listen, speak, and act.

After conducting qualitative interviews and summarized our research into a findings report, we identified the following key problems to tackle.

The young adult consumer landscape is permanently changing, and brands are feeling the pressure. Amidst these social movements, brands' positions as influencers and innovators are being put to the test. It's do or die.

As these young consumers come into their spending power, brands that cannot engage them risk serious losses.

My team used insight driven design to assist brands in making the transition to being advocates for their consumer wants and needs.