Tracee is a Communication Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and a socially-conscious creative. As a designer, She often is most comfortable in unfamiliar territories, constantly challenging and nuancing her creative process and applying in-depth research with a systematic approach. Tracee aims to be a thinker who experiments within interdisciplinary mediums. You'll often find her down a rabbit hole on︎︎︎

Currently a designer at

VSA Partners︎︎︎

in NYC.

A 5 week workshop with the RNDR interation design studio learning their new coding language OPENRNDR, an open source framework made for creative coding, written in Kotlin, that simplifies writing real-time interactive software.

The generative type poster was created through experimentation of type, shape, variable contours, sin and co-sin, and math random expressions. The concept behind creating a generative typeface was to take the few tools I learned is a short period of time and stretch them as far as I could creatively to redefine type and give it a personality through motion and shape.