Tracee is a Communication Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and a socially-conscious creative. As a designer, She often is most comfortable in unfamiliar territories, constantly challenging and nuancing her creative process and applying in-depth research with a systematic approach. Tracee aims to be a thinker who experiments within interdisciplinary mediums. You'll often find her down a rabbit hole on .
Currently in search of opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and human interaction.

2019, Quicken Loans
Identity, Print, Awareness
An 8 designer collaboration project funded by Quicken Loans Community Fund. Neighbor to Neighbor is a Detroit-based organization looking to bring awareness to the Detroit Property Tax Exemption Program. This project contains 14 weeks of research, ethnography and design

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Majority of the research for this project was done in the field and through the user journey of those applying for property tax exemption.

The group visited call centers, tax exemption workshops, and met with Neighbor to Neighbor canvassers one on one to discover the current struggles from those who are living them.

We worked closely with the people living and canvassing in the city of Detroit in hopes of gaining their perspectives to create meaningful change in their community.