Tracee is a Communication Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and a socially-conscious creative. As a designer, She often is most comfortable in unfamiliar territories, constantly challenging and nuancing her creative process and applying in-depth research with a systematic approach. Tracee aims to be a thinker who experiments within interdisciplinary mediums. You'll often find her down a rabbit hole on︎︎︎

Currently a designer at

VSA Partners︎︎︎

in NYC.

2020, InsideOut Detroit
Campaign, Publication, Awareness

InsideOut Detroit serves students through creative writing programs, workshops, and mentoring. To celebrate their 25 year anniversary, our team of 18 designers created 25 typefaces to spread awareness of the commitment to the community InsideOut has prioritized over their time in the city.

This awareness campaign was created through assets that can be used for the many city events that they particpate in. This will help to bring in more children to their tutoring services while continuing the anniversary celebration.

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