Tracee is a Communication Design student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and a socially-conscious creative. As a designer, She often is most comfortable in unfamiliar territories, constantly challenging and nuancing her creative process and applying in-depth research with a systematic approach. Tracee aims to be a thinker who experiments within interdisciplinary mediums. You'll often find her down a rabbit hole on︎︎︎

Currently a designer at

VSA Partners︎︎︎

in NYC.

2020, Life Remodeled

Identity, Creative Strategy

Life Remodeled is a Detroit-based nonprofit centering on the intentional and equitable revitalization of neighborhoods. This year Life Remodeled celebrates 10 years of embodying the neighbors, their voices, and the unique stories they share. With that comes expectations of the brand and a need for identity that can grow along with them.

2020, VSA Partners

Creative Direction, Identity, Motion

During the beginning of the Covid pandemic there was a spotlight put on brands to step up and create change. Silence Speaks is a design campaign built to carry out the wants and needs of the Gen Z. voice, and spread awareness of those wants and needs to brands. To educate brands on how they can shift to better fit the expectations of Gen Z, and how they can take action on social justice issues to advocate for the Gen Z expectations.

2020, InsideOut Detroit

Campaign, Publication, Awareness

InsideOut Detroit serves students through creative writing programs, workshops, and mentoring. To celebrate their 25 year anniversary, our team of 18 designers created 25 typefaces to spread awareness of the commitment to the community InsideOut has prioritized over their time in the city. This awareness campaign was created through assets that can be used for the many city events that they participate in.

2019, Quicken Loans

Identity, Print, Awareness

Neighbor to Neighbor is a collaborative project with Quicken Loans Community Fund and 7 other designers. Our team faced the complex issue of housing in the Detroit area and were looking for a way to increase the number of property tax exemption applicants. This project contains 14 weeks of research, ethnography and design.


Publication, Risograph

An ode to April Greiman and the historical influences that shaped her into the amazing designer she is today. She is a very progressive woman who always thinks of new ways to play (such as the Mac). The book is broken into sections based off of CMYK, each color representing a different influential period. All images were printed using a risograph.